Another study in analog materials.


Inspired by an article on the temptations and potential risks/benefits of purchasing pharmaceuticals from China.


Fun with masking fluid, less fun with bleeding colored inks, albeit salvageable. Makes one appreciate the perfection that is india ink. While I have my gripes with calling one way of working a style, it’s worth mentioning that if I did believe in styles, this way of working is not it. Using the word “study” earlier was very deliberate.

Another project I’m working on is a rework of the United States. I ran into Etzel Pearcy’s proposed 38 states online and thought I could pare things down a bit and had a little bit too much fun doing so. The Map below is in consideration of geographical elements, some cultural divides, population density and distribution of major cities. All states are named after Native American tribes associated with the area. Chinook and Costonoa meet right at San Francisco Bay, and Algonquin and Iroquois are split at D.C. / Chesapeake bay. The remaining states are Mohave, Navajo, Lakota, Menomini, Seminole, and finally Apache, which should look familiar.


I’ll be blogging progress on my own hand-drawn map, state by state

Also, I was introduced to the art of gingerbread cookie making for Christmas this year. Here’s my cultural contribution.



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